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Schrijf Schrijf - Angeles Nieto

Schrijf Schrijf

Client: Schrijf Schrijf, Utrecht.

Project: Illustration for company workers

Solution: Portrait illustration.

Illustration illustratie ilustración Angeles Nieto

Meesterkaart Posters

Client. Meesterkaart

The Challenge. Series of small posters and cards with slogan.

The Solution. Modern illustration with humor and al little poetic

Snor Festival - Angeles Nieto

Snor Festival

Client: Snor Festival – Editorial Snor

Box illustration


Illustration illustratie ilustración Angeles Nieto


Personal work

PortraitMarinero and musicians”

illustration by Angeles Nieto

Desktop images

Since 2014 I write for my blog AngelesEarth about creativity, illustrations and art. Here I present my vision at the creative work. Every month I make an illustration for desktop computer and tablet which is free to download. For me this is a good way to experiment with illustrating.

In 2016 I made a serie, a journey through the year, with the same character. Different moments in the season …






Dairy-produce-illustration-by Angeles Nieto

Creative Packaging Design Liesbeth Ronden, Amsterdam

Client: Creative Packaging Design Liesbeth Ronden, Amsterdam.

The Challenge: Promotional gift for clients (De zuivelmakers), after transferring the business from parents to children. Company that for 20 years has been working in the dairy sector.

The Solution: A series of family portraits. Portraits with a wink, humor, which depicted their craft, simplicity, pure and cheerful.





Personal work
A little pedantic graphical image, an own interpretation of food


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